A Few Thoughts: Brief Retrospective on Rekstaug: Construct 2 Coin-Op Jam

Last week, I had worked on an Arcade-ish Action Platformer called Rekstaug. It was made for a Coin-op Construct 2 Game Jam on Gamejolt.com.

Starting out I was aiming to make a fantasy action game similar to Magic Sword or Altered Beast with a major focus on combat and beat-em-up ideas. After starting production, I kept having Act Raiser on my mind. This had definitely affected the flow of development.

For this game, I was using the Platformer behavior built into Construct 2. I had to adjust some things but the behavior was surprisingly adequate for the type of game I was making. I ended up with a faster Castlevania like title. There was much more of a focus on platforming than combat. So it was kind of a weird flow that resulted from it.

Some lessons I learned were:

  • Don’t worry about Emergent Technique (“Tech”) style bugs. They will appear through the course of production.
    • This shows up in Rekstaug in the form of Sword Sustain and Drop Cancelling.
  • Plan early and detailed. It is very apparent in the final sections of the level that I was running out of time. The Final Boss was also made a bit easy because of this.
  • Open your ears. Rekstaug’s weakest point by far is the audio factor. I need to plan ahead from this.
  • Different strategies need more creative level design.

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