Alexander Truong

Hello there,

Name’s Alexander Truong. I work with software. Mostly interactive and responsive apps, games, and websites. Here are some details about me.

Implicit Intricacies

Discovery is awesome. Details are awesome! Put them together and you get fantastic projects!

Action Oriented

I find myself working on a lot of action and quick moving applications and games. I am a huge fan of games that use quick short-term planning and strategies.

Radical Resourcefulness

It’s been said that limitations lead to innovation. I’m a stickler for efficiency and resourcefulness as a part of that. I love finding new ways to do things. I look for “better for this purpose” tweaks.

Tenacious Tinkering

How do things work? Let’s deep dive and find out. Or just mess with things to find out who else it would be used. I tinker. I have dissected some things in pursuit of research. Dissection leads to finding new things.