Competitive Gaming Throws Everything Out the Window

Super Smash Bros Brawl is an party arena fighter. By it’s definition, it is meant for a group of buddies that just sit around beating each other up. It was never meant to be competitive. But behold, people that want to give themselves a sense of meaning from video games set out to ruin yet another game.

We’ve seen it in arcades and public locales with Dance Dance Revolution and fighting games. Competitive players bring an elitist vibe and ruin it for other people that just want a potentially fun time playing video games. This may also have partially lead to the fact that only social pariahs and such are found at arcades nowadays and the rest of the world just wants to forget the place existed, except for some secluded places in amusement parks. Times were fun, but people that identify themselves with video games ruins all the fun. As with watching a movie where you just had to bring the stuck up kid that talks on the IMDB forums way too much and labels themselves a “movie buff”. It’s not fun.

Video games and entertainment are about having fun. This also reminds me of a recent game of Grand Theft Auto IV I jumped into online. If you’re going to run around killing other players, PLAY DEATHMATCH OR GB2HALO. Rockstar was cool enough to give enough game modes to allow people to have fun in Liberty City but it seems that everytime someone tries to do something, someone has to run in and shoot them. And what makes it worse is that you hear a high pitched laugh on the other side of your headset notifying you that an under-aged wannabe internet cool guy just joined your gaming session. Now I remember why I play almost exclusively with people on my friends-list. What’s worse is when you become a part of a clan, guild or whatever they call it nowadays for online gaming constructs. This tends to bring up a case of “Obligated Gaming”, where all members of a group must practice and participate together at the same time just to get better or beat a portion of the game. Sorry guys, I don’t schedule my life around sitting playing games… Or even watching TV, that’s why we have DVRs.

But the good thing here is that this mod / hack is only for the people that actually want to play it this way. This course of action is much better than the previous complaining and bickering about the changes to the game engine previously. So I wish you guys well on that portion.

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