Looking at See Tomorrow’s Economy

Some years after the world had felt the terrors of the outbreaks and battles, paper money has become less appealing across the barren and broken land.

We’ll be focusing on the California after-lands. The local Californian government run factions only accept credits and transactions through their data systems. This effectively disabled the usage of the “Legal Tender” paper currency that was used previously. This credit system also allowed the local communities to equalize food and shelter rights between the citizens. But what about those excluded from the communities?

Running around with what you could carry and kill has brought a primitive barter system back into play for the “Outsiders” still living in California. This trading system developed through necessity is a bit deceptive as nothing has a solid universal value, which was what money helped act as back before the events. The lack of universal value leads into a personal value system based on that individual’s needs and abilities. For example, a hunter that is very skilled with guns would attach more value towards guns and ammunition than someone that wouldn’t use it. More so than that though, the person would also add and remove value based on the dangerousness of said item as well as the rarity. That is, if the particular individual has the proper knowledge to appraise said items. The value would be derived a bit like this:

Final Value = Personally Perceived Value + Usability + Rareness + Condition + Misc. Modifiers

The economy of the after-lands is a bit erratic because of this. It is also to be communicated that the economy is need based much like today. It is not about money. Unlike games like Fallout and Borderlands, there is no solid currency system to be found. I hope this provided a bit of insight. Any questions?

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