Commercial Games


Cosmic Defender (2010) [iTunes] – Design / Marketing –
platform: iPhone / iPod Touch
players: 1
genre: Arcade Action
company: Digital Praise

Mysterious invaders are attacking our galaxy! These insane intruders will stop at nothing to destroy our planets and space stations. They will crash themselves into the target, shoot freezing shots at your weapons, or even call in reinforcements!

The military only had enough time to make a small number of missile launchers that are the last, best hope for humanity! You’re in charge of the Missile Command, so go and defend the galaxy with explosives!

aMazing Bible (2009) [iTunes] – Assistant Design / Play Testing –
platform: Windows XP+ / Mac OSX+/iPhone / iPod Touch
players: 1
genre: puzzle / maze
company: Digital Praise

Travel through various mazes while reading summaries and pieces of the Holy Bible! This mesmerizing maze game lets players travel forward in time as an eyewitness to the Bible’s amazing events from Genesis to Revelation. As players overcome challenges by zigzagging their way through increasingly difficult obstacles, they conquer each of the levels by breaking through walls, pushing through blockades and weaving their way past the ongoing myriad of challenges.

Guitar Praise Expansion Pack 1(2009) [Online Store] – Play Testing –

platform: Windows XP+ / Mac OSX+
players: 1-2
genre: Music Action
company: Digital Praise

Guitar Praise lets you play along with your favorite bands – tobyMac, Skillet, Newsboys – and more. Strum along to the onscreen cues – press the fret buttons and advance through 4 levels of difficulty. Includes over 50 Christian hits and wireless guitar controller. Windows/Mac.

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