Working with Mobile: Control Methods

There are many differences in control systems and they work different upon platforms. I’ve been playing a few more games on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lately. A large part is because I picked up a MOGA Hero Power controller.

The MOGA Hero Power Controller

This control has given me much more console feel while playing games on my device. This brought up the question of whether console experiences could be found on mobile devices. This is a question that has been asked in the past. There have been a few action games on the mobile platform that I have played that I was very much a fan of.

One of which is Implosion: Never Lose Hope. It is a 3D Action game with a good amount of reflexes from the player as you defeat various enemies with combo attacks and a mixture of gun and sword combat. But playing this game with a controller revealed something large about gaming on mobile.

” But playing this game with a controller revealed something large about gaming on mobile.”

I do appreciate the fact that the game adjusted it’s display and interface to react to the fact that I had a controller connected to the system. But much of the controller was not in use. I believe there were more buttons than there were possible actions in the game. Simply put, the game wasn’t designed for controls. It was the strange case where a heavy action game actually worked more intuitively with touch. It’s hard to say which was better since that comes down to player preference.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope (Android) using a MOGA controller.

My point here is that games must be designed around certain control systems and adapting different control styles like this is a great way to bridge the gap. I will be exploring more controls and researching as to improve my own creations. What games have you guys played that controlled great or horribly?

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